What Should I Expect to Happen?

What is the process

This is a difficult time for you and your family. Our goal is to minimize your frustration, time and expenses.

It will be key for you to have the right mindset and answers BEFORE you take the necessary action. Having the right team to guide you during this process will be critical.

  1. Remain Composed
  2. Stay Home
  3. Contact Granite Bail Bonds
  4. Contact a Licensed Bail Bond Company
  5. Great Customer Service
  6. Read the Entire Bail Contract
  7. Warning
  1. Remain Composed - (Don’t run down to the Jail). Don’t Panic!!! You have the United States Constitution behind you. In America you, your loved one or friend are innocent until proven guilty. Even though the situation may seem dire, the steps to take may NOT be apparent. Read on to ensure that you take the right steps.
  2. Stay Home - (Don’t wait at the jail) Even though you might be seriously inclined to run to the aid of your loved one or friend, you may best serve them by properly doing your research. This is the hardest thing to do when it appears that an emergency requires action. The action that is required is completely different in this situation.
  3. Contact Granite Bail Bonds - Contact a quality Bail Bond company. This will ensure that you situation is handled completely, quickly and discreetly. Granite Bail Bonds - (801) 485-4440
  4. Contact a Licensed Bail Bond Company - Make sure the company you deal with is licensed and bonded for work in the State of Utah.
  5. Great Customer Service - Experience is key. Reliable, competent, sympathetic service will make this process so much easier on you. Granite Bail Bonds is confident in its ability to handle your particular situation. We are an experienced team that understands the entire legal process. From the booking process, release, and through the entire court process, Granite Bail Bonds will be here to assist you through this difficult time. It seems that emergencies tend to happen in the "off" hours.
  6. Read the Entire Bail Contract - Understand all fees and expenses before you sign any documentation. The little bit of time you spend here can save you a lot of time and headaches down the road. Your friend or loved one will appreciate your good sense. The extra 5 minutes will not ever be remembered later if it is a clean transaction. However, they will remember it a lifetime if it can come back to haunt them later.
  7. WARNING - Until you run into bad companies, it is hard to stress this point enough. The company must be in business at least 5 years to understand all of the state laws. You don't want to be someone's guinea pig in this situation. A fly-by-night company can guide you in the wrong direction. Make sure the company has a great reputation in the community. Don't be afraid to ask for some references or testimonials from their customers. You also want to avoid the "red flags" of the Bail Bond Industry:
    • Discounted Fees - Discounting Fees is illegal. The State of Utah requires a minimum of 10% of the full bond. Any company that states they can charge less than the minimum has an ulterior motive. This can put you and their company at risk. The person or company who does this is usually desperate and the strength and stability of thier business should be seriously questioned, not to mention ethics.
    • Double Dipping - Be careful that you are not working with a company that engages in this practice. Very similar to the last point, if someone does not adequately secure a bail bond, they may be looking to arrest you later after you failed to complete some simple stipulation of the bond. This is called double dipping and many companies will attempt to do this to make up for not doing business right the first time.

If you follow this simple process, this will alleviate most of your fears and allow you to attack the issue with the right information. Best of all you will be working with a team you can trust.